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Weblog for Entrepreneurial Leadership
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    ” Entrepreneurs are agents                                                   of change BECAUSE they                                                                                                  reject traditional approaches.”                                                                                                    I just read a blog post that goes into the depths of theoretical discussion about what is attracting entrepreneurial innovation and it suggests that entrepreneurs care about this slop.       The author goes so far as to toss out [...]

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  • 02/08/09--15:36: LEADERSHIP BY THE DOZEN
  • No, this isn’t about donuts! Here are a dozen leadership arenas: Corporate Military Political Industry Community Organizational Family Neighborhood Religious Sports Classroom Worksite Where do entrepreneurial leaders fit?  Everywhere!  What about other leaders –those who are not entrepreneurs– are they locked into the individual arenas where they perform?  Not to suggest this is a bad thing; [...]

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  • 08/10/10--18:14: Commuting to work . . .
  • How you chunk up                                                                                                   daily commute time                                                                                                        reveals the real you!                                                                                                                                                                                     Ever wonder what you can learn about others based on how they spend their work commute time? As unorthodox an HR assessment tool as it may seem, it’s probably as effective as any other. How a person commutes to work (i.e., by what means [...]

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  • 08/28/10--10:03: CHASING BUSINESS DREAMS
  • Sounds like a plan . . .   There’s something in your mind that you want to go after and try to make happen?                                           You’ve been dreaming about it for, it seems, forever. You’ve been careful about not telling too many others, but those you do mention it to give you the same 3-way [...]

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  • 12/15/10--17:18: MOTIVATION
  •  “I read a blog today,                           Oh Boy!”                                                      [With thanks for the unconscious melody, to The Beatles]   Contrary to a blog post I just read, MOTIVATION does NOT come from inside you! It is DESIRE that lodges itself deep within each human being (and of course most animals). Motivation is an influence that’s [...]

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  • 05/23/11--19:11: GOT GUTS?
  • If you are Entrepreneuring                                         still –in 2011– you got guts!                                                                             Look at it this way, those of us who directly or indirectly choose to pursue paths of small business development –in the face of today’s upsets, intimidations, threats, and tsunami-like attempts to control every breath we take– probably deserve a medal! The thing is there [...]

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  • 08/23/11--17:27: Who’s Your Glue?
  • Here’s a “glue clue” for you!     Someone in your family or on your business or advisory team is the one who most holds you and the million little pieces of your business enterprise together. Who? How? Why? What have you done for her or him lately? Did you know that small, frequent rewards (and [...]

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    “ON THE ROAD AGAIN . . . “   Thank you for your visit. If you’re new to this blog, please mark your calendar to return on April 16th for the beginning of Tax Return Recovery, and to help kickoff an exciting new series of posts you won’t find anywhere else! If you’ve been visiting here […]

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  • 08/13/15--13:18: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE
  • GOTCHA!   The other day, I received a “How Your LinkedIn Posts Are Doing” email and was curious enough to click it. I was fascinated to learn that YOU (yes, YOU!) are among those who sometimes follow my ramblings, and that when I put all the clues together — I gotcha! I actually know who […]

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    1 pm (CT), Every Sunday, Every Week . . .   BUSINESSWORKS   Broadcast Podcast Blast Off!   BUSINESSWORKS begins a year of free, weekly, stimulating  “business-expansion-how-to” input offerings for business owners, managers and operators, and for  professional practice owners and managers, and entrepreneurs.   The information source? Two unique, and vastly different business leaders with […]